The stomach chakra is profoundly impacted by external events. It is here that social expectations and parental influence are imprinted and take their toil. Creating the internal battle who am I, who should I be. The stomach chakra has a logical, left brain thought process that is entwined with identity, fears and the needs of the ego. If there is an imbalance and/or no connection with the sacral chakra one may be tormented with self hate as the chakra attempts to restructure a new identity as the adult rather than the spontaneous child of the sacral chakra.
Position: Between the tummy button and the ribs.
Spiritual Aspect: Self worth
Related Emotions: Anger. Resentment. Unworthiness. Guilt. Self Esteem.
Self Image. Issues of Responsibility
Level of Relationship: Basic Relationship With Inner Self
Basic Need: Valuing the needs of self.
Endocrine Glands: Pancreas. Adrenals.
Associated Organs: Liver. Spleen. Stomach. Small Intestine. Gallbladder. Kidneys
Associated Physiological functions: Inflammation. Digestion.
Colour: Yellow
Affirmation: I am worthy to live my life to the fullest, without fear or guilt, listening only to my own inner voice.

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  1. santoshr25 Says:

    Hey, Thanks very much for the affirmation 🙂 Santosh

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